Surfing: The Noble Sport

Surfing: The Noble Sport

May 11


Surfing is the sport of Kings.  At least, in my book it is.  And in a sense, at the pinnacle of its creation, it was.  Over the years, surfing has evolved, and become many things.  It’s not just a means of travel, or a pastime, it’s an honored tradition, and an extreme sport.  It’s a ten billion dollar industry, and it’s a philosophy- a way of life.

To surf, or “water-glide” was one of the principle means by which the Polynesians of historic times would travel between islands.  Theirs’ was a water kingdom, one of oceans and islands, stretching across the bottom to the Southeast Pacific, with borders from New Zealand to Hawai’i.  Surfing as we know it was refined in the Hawaiian Islands, where social class was based on surfing ability.

Heads up, Safety first: Your guide to Fun in the Sun

Heads up, Safety first: Your guide to Fun in the Sun

Apr 19


Part of the appeal of surfing is the risk factor.  Riding the waves can be hazardous, dangerous, for a professional or enthusiast, but especially if you are a beginner.  It’s the ocean, after all; its nature and it’s big and powerful.  Trust me, when you are on the crest of a 40-ft wave, you look like an ant.  That is also part of the appeal- to know that there is something much larger then you, and you are just along for the ride.

But just because you are along for the ride, doesn’t mean you can’t take precautions.  A major reason why I started this site was to raise awareness about surfing- that includes the dangers, as well as the thrills.  After all, there have been more surf-related deaths in the past few years, than in the past four decades.  No swell is worth breaking on the rocks.  Since summer is right around the corner for many, I thought I’d go over a few safety reminders for when your break comes in.

  1. Know how to swim.  This may seem obvious, but I’m talking about being able to recognize your personal physical fitness.  Too many accidents occur when people try to take on more than they can handle.  Bragging rights only work when you don’t sustain serious injury.
  2. Weather.  I cannot stress knowledge of weather forecasts enough.  Sure storms make great waves, but they also make unpredictable currents.  One novice mistake can leave you adrift or drowning, so having an idea of what the weather’s going to take before you paddle out is entirely beneficial.
  3. Situational Awareness.  Surfing is an engaging and dynamic sport; one that requires physical fitness, and a clear, sharp mind.  You have to pay attention when you’re out in the water, because sometimes it can turn into a matter of life or death.  You have to understand your own abilities, but you also have to understand the strength and direction of the waves, and the pull of the currents.  You have to be aware of the weather, as well as the other surfers in the water and on the beach.  Crowded seas are a danger factor as well.  Not to mention, there are other things in the water besides people.  Remember, it’s the ocean, so situational awareness is a requisite for surfing.
Why Global Warming Curls the Rip

Why Global Warming Curls the Rip

Apr 04


I wanted to talk a little bit about Global Warming.  No, I am not Al Gore.  Yes, it is important.  It is important because global warming affects your surf.  That’s right, Your Surf.  Everyone’s surf really, because it’s a global problem- meaning that it’s occurring everywhere on the planet.

Once, there was paradise.  Shangri-la; but it wasn’t a place, it was a time.  It was the Sixties.  Even though I missed this era by over a decade, I have always appreciated what that time did for surf culture.  In America, this was when surfing first became popular and recognize all across the country.  People wanted to go to the beach.  The invention of the short-board.  The invention of the beach party.  The invention of the two-piece bikini.  All of which are universally recognized as awesome.  The wonderful Hawaiian people got to hold on to and celebrate as aspect of their culture.  And everyone was so busy surfing; they weren’t really paying attention to global warming.

More People In Surfing Want YouTube Views Today

More People In Surfing Want YouTube Views Today

Jun 30

It’s clear that people in the surfing world want their YouTube videos to be easier to spot. They know that if they are able to post YouTube videos with care that they will get more exposure out of all the things that they want to highlight.

Some people will buy views for their surfing videos but many people are going to want some interesting things when finding different videos. Many in the surfing world are going to do all sorts of things in order to make their YouTube videos more visible.

What Tricks Can You Perform?

It’s clear that people who can perform all sorts of amazing tricks while surfing are going to get more views. They want to show off their skills on some of the most challenging waves in some of the hottest surfing sites in all parts of the world.

If anyone is able to pull off some fine tricks then they will certainly become in demand. They will show that there are truly skilled and people will want to see what they are doing on YouTube. Having great skills and being able to get all sorts of fine tricks off will be critical to do with regards to getting more YouTube views today.

Explain How to Do Things

While anyone can buy 1 million YouTube views from Views Warehouse, it often helps to at least have some detail in one’s videos. Much of this involves explaining how to surf, how to manage a board, how to tell when the best times for surfing are and how to manage a wipeout among other things. If anyone is more descriptive of how to do all sorts of things with regards to surfing then it should be rather easy for anyone to get more YouTube views.

Showcase New Products

The world of surfing products is amazing. People can use YouTube to learn about new boards and other bits of surfing equipment. Explaining these products on YouTube is always a great way to get more views because informative videos are always useful. People who highlight different products will really be people who are interesting and popular for anyone who wants different points as needed. It is a fine feature that really works well.

Talk About Surfing Sites

There are many beaches all around the world where people can surf along. People who talk about different surfing sites around the world can really get more YouTube views because they will be highlighting more places of interest for those who want to go surfing and have fun when doing so. This information on YouTube can really be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about surfing in different parts all around the world.

These are great things about YouTube that surfers can use. The ways how people can find more YouTube views are amazing for all to explore. While people can always buy YouTube views from Views Warehouse, it will also be important to think about the many ways how different kinds of videos in surfing can be advantageous and helpful for the points that anyone can really enjoy having.