Surfing: The Noble Sport

Surfing: The Noble Sport

May 11


Surfing is the sport of Kings.  At least, in my book it is.  And in a sense, at the pinnacle of its creation, it was.  Over the years, surfing has evolved, and become many things.  It’s not just a means of travel, or a pastime, it’s an honored tradition, and an extreme sport.  It’s a ten billion dollar industry, and it’s a philosophy- a way of life.

To surf, or “water-glide” was one of the principle means by which the Polynesians of historic times would travel between islands.  Theirs’ was a water kingdom, one of oceans and islands, stretching across the bottom to the Southeast Pacific, with borders from New Zealand to Hawai’i.  Surfing as we know it was refined in the Hawaiian Islands, where social class was based on surfing ability.

Heads up, Safety first: Your guide to Fun in the Sun

Heads up, Safety first: Your guide to Fun in the Sun

Apr 19


Part of the appeal of surfing is the risk factor.  Riding the waves can be hazardous, dangerous, for a professional or enthusiast, but especially if you are a beginner.  It’s the ocean, after all; its nature and it’s big and powerful.  Trust me, when you are on the crest of a 40-ft wave, you look like an ant.  That is also part of the appeal- to know that there is something much larger then you, and you are just along for the ride.

But just because you are along for the ride, doesn’t mean you can’t take precautions.  A major reason why I started this site was to raise awareness about surfing- that includes the dangers, as well as the thrills.  After all, there have been more surf-related deaths in the past few years, than in the past four decades.  No swell is worth breaking on the rocks.  Since summer is right around the corner for many, I thought I’d go over a few safety reminders for when your break comes in.

  1. Know how to swim.  This may seem obvious, but I’m talking about being able to recognize your personal physical fitness.  Too many accidents occur when people try to take on more than they can handle.  Bragging rights only work when you don’t sustain serious injury.
  2. Weather.  I cannot stress knowledge of weather forecasts enough.  Sure storms make great waves, but they also make unpredictable currents.  One novice mistake can leave you adrift or drowning, so having an idea of what the weather’s going to take before you paddle out is entirely beneficial.
  3. Situational Awareness.  Surfing is an engaging and dynamic sport; one that requires physical fitness, and a clear, sharp mind.  You have to pay attention when you’re out in the water, because sometimes it can turn into a matter of life or death.  You have to understand your own abilities, but you also have to understand the strength and direction of the waves, and the pull of the currents.  You have to be aware of the weather, as well as the other surfers in the water and on the beach.  Crowded seas are a danger factor as well.  Not to mention, there are other things in the water besides people.  Remember, it’s the ocean, so situational awareness is a requisite for surfing.
Why Global Warming Curls the Rip

Why Global Warming Curls the Rip

Apr 04


I wanted to talk a little bit about Global Warming.  No, I am not Al Gore.  Yes, it is important.  It is important because global warming affects your surf.  That’s right, Your Surf.  Everyone’s surf really, because it’s a global problem- meaning that it’s occurring everywhere on the planet.

Once, there was paradise.  Shangri-la; but it wasn’t a place, it was a time.  It was the Sixties.  Even though I missed this era by over a decade, I have always appreciated what that time did for surf culture.  In America, this was when surfing first became popular and recognize all across the country.  People wanted to go to the beach.  The invention of the short-board.  The invention of the beach party.  The invention of the two-piece bikini.  All of which are universally recognized as awesome.  The wonderful Hawaiian people got to hold on to and celebrate as aspect of their culture.  And everyone was so busy surfing; they weren’t really paying attention to global warming.

What Information To Find On Surfing Related Modeling Websites

What Information To Find On Surfing Related Modeling Websites

Feb 18

Modeling has branched in many more fields today besides fashion. If you do a search on the internet, you’re likely to find modeling websites that showcase cars, boats, surfers and many more. Besides, the beautiful ladies in wet suits, you’re likely to get more information about surfing. Ladies are also not the only ones limited to modelling as surfers; you’re likely to find well-built men showcasing their most amazing surfing skills on these modeling websites. Here’s more information on maintaining your surf board and everything else related to surfing that you’re likely to find on any of these modeling websites.

How To Maintain Your Surfboard

Some of these tips will help you protect and maintain your surfboard.
• When you’re not using the surfboard, you should always put it in a designated bag which keeps it protected. You should also do the same when you’re transporting the surfboard to prevent any damage during transit.
• Always keep the surfboard away from the sun which deteriorates the material or causes delamination. Store it inside, especially in a garage or house to protect it from weather elements.
• When carrying or transporting your surfboard, make sure it’s tied to the floor or roof of your car. It’s a large and awkward object to carry around so you should be very careful. Also, don’t place it against a wall since it might be knocked over which will cause serious damage.

How To Apply Wax On Your Surfboard

Most surfers use special wax to laminate their surfboards. Currently there are different types of wax used on surfboards. However, the type of wax used on a specific board is determined by the temperature of the water where you use the board to surf. If you’re surfing in a tropical area, a cold water wax for your surfboard might not be an ideal idea.
The importance of wax is to allow you to stick to the surfboard during the waves. It can be applied at the deck or on the top of the board. The application procedure should be circular along the rails. Make sure you turn out the wax as often as possible to make sure it doesn’t become soft and therefore ineffective. Wax the board in the shade to avoid any melting in the sun which renders the wax ineffective.

How To Remove Wax From Your Surfboard

You should regularly remove the wax on your surfboard to check for any damages that might be covered by the wax. Also, the old wax might reduce the natural look of the board making it unsightly. To remove the wax from your board, you should place it in the sun where the heat will make the wax softer.
Whatever you do, avoid using a blow-dryer to make the wax soft since it might emit too much heat which will damage the board. If you have an old credit card, use it as a scrapper to remove the old wax. Using modelling websites for tips about surfing is a fresh idea that every surfer should try out.

All About Surfing & Using Body Armor Like Sapi Plates To Protect Oneself From Sharks

All About Surfing & Using Body Armor Like Sapi Plates To Protect Oneself From Sharks

Feb 03

One of the most enjoyable things you can do if you live near a beach is to start surfing. There is nothing more beautiful than connecting with nature and the ocean as you ride the waves, almost as though you’re flying. However, many people are afraid to enter the water, simply because they have a fear of sharks and if you have this fear, you may find yourself staying away from the ocean. Fortunately, the chances of being attacked by a shark while surfing is extremely small, so you shouldn’t let that stop you from learning how to surf. If it is a debilitating fear, then you should definitely try entering the water wearing sapi plates which is body armor and can help you to feel safe and protected from being bitten by a shark.

We will now look at a few tips to help you learn to surf as well as how to properly maintain and take care of your surf board. The first thing you should do is find a surf instructor. Of course, you can start by simply going with friends or family members who already know to surf and learn from them. However, this is not extremely effective and it will take you a awhile to learn how to surf through this method.
Therefore, you need a surf instructor to teach you the proper form and techniques in order to surf well. It can be difficult to find a good instructor, so make sure to do lots of research and get a few recommendations from your friends and family. Of course, be sure to check online and search for reviews of surf instructors in your area. This is a great way to find a suitable instructor that has a track record of successfully teaching others to surf.

Once you find an instructor, be sure to listen carefully and practice all the things you are taught regularly. Surfing is not like studying school work, and in order to get good at it, you need to practice as much as possible. After you’ve learned the basics, then you can go surfing with your friends and hone your skills to perfection.

Besides learning how to surf, you also need to maintain your surf board to ensure that it is always in good working order. You should regularly examine your surf board for cracks or dents and make sure to get them repaired as soon as possible. It is critical that you keep your board out of the sun and make sure that it is stored properly when not in use since you want to reduce the chances of it getting damaged, as much as possible.

In closing, once you follow the above tips, you will be surfing in no time at all. Of course, if you’re still worried about sharks, simply walk with your armor that is sure to protect you. You can check out this Israeli weapons sale for sapi plates or to simply get a great deal on the armor.

Surfboard Maintenance Tips

Surfboard Maintenance Tips

Jan 22

The fact is, surfboards can be very expensive. Because of this, only professionals that are sponsored can really afford to update their surfboards every six months or so. Ideally, you are going to want your surfboard to last as long as possible. However, an old and battered surfboard is not going to ride as smoothly as one that has been properly cared for. Plus, it will look bad on the beach if your surfboard is banged up. Because of this, taking care of your surfboard is going to keep your wallet full, looking good, and riding like a professional. Below we will discuss some of the most important surfing maintenance tips that you should implement starting right now.

Surfing Maintenance Tips:

1. Bag Your Board.

You need to be very careful with your board when it is out of the water. The best way to keep your surfboard looking fresh and out of harms way is to simply place it in a bag whenever it is out of the water. This way, your board will be protected from natures elements and from getting banged up during transport. Keep your bag around and always place your board in it when out of the water for a long lasting board.

board rack2. Build A Rack.

The next thing that you are going to want to do is build a proper rack for your surfboard. It is going to be essential that you build a rack that is going to be strong enough to hold your board when it is in storage. Nothing is worse for your board than having it fall because you do not have a good place to store your surfboard. By building a rack, you are going to be defying gravity and keeping your board safe in the process.

3. Treat Your Board Like Your Child.

You should always try to treat your board like you would treat your child. When you are not using it and when you are on the beach, keep it out of the sun. Place it in a place with sufficient shade. If there is no shade, perhaps you can purchase an umbrella to use for your board when it is out of the water and not in use. The sun rays can result in severe yellowing on your board. Not to mention, it can weaken the structuring of the boards fiberglass coating. This is not something that you want to do if you are trying to make your surfboard last as long as possible.

4. Repair It Immediately.

Get yourself a surfboard repair kit and constantly check your board for dings, cracks, and punctures. Even the smallest imperfection on your board can grow to be a very serious problem for your surfboard. The best way to prevent this from happening is by repairing your board before things spiral out of control.

Do not let your surfboard get damaged while in the car. Make sure that you look for reputable driving schools and find one that will teach you how to drive with a surfboard rack. You can check out different driving schools by looking for drivers education program on the Internet.

Going Surfing on Your Vacation? Be Wary of Herpes.

Going Surfing on Your Vacation? Be Wary of Herpes.

Jan 11

HSV eraser is a permanent solution for the herpes virus. As widely known, researchers have continued to tell the population at large that there is no permanent solution for the virus and one has to live with it throughout their lifetime despite the widespread infection of the virus.
In opposition to this, a doctor by the name Christine Buehler came up with a herpes eradicating program which ends the virus for good. To start with, we have to understand the meaning of Herpes Simplex Virus. This is a virus that lies in a dormant state inside our body but the immune system in a human body continues to suppress it so as not to end up with herpes.
Antibodies in a human body cloak this virus hence not detectable by the immune system. The Herpes Simplex Virus is grouped into HSV1 and HSV2. When one has HSV1, he or she gets cold sores on the mouth and lips. Some may be itchy, bleeding and irritable. With these symptoms, one should not kiss nor share drinks.
Those with HSV2 experience the same symptoms and signs but on the genital region. It is commonly known as genital herpes. It is highly contagious and transmission is through sexual activities which infected people should refrain from.
Herpes is caused by various things. Some causes are imbalance of hormones, anxiety, low immunity and at times, pregnancy. According to Dr Christine, these are possible causes due to their direct relation to the immune system.
The HSV eraser is a program explained in an e-book on a permanent solution for herpes. As per the website,
, Dr Christine Buehler had suffered from herpes for a long time and due to this, she teamed up with doctor Languin in creating a suitable regime with the intention of boosting immunity thereby eliminating herpes from body cells. Up to date, this is the only proven way of permanently doing away with herpes.
In this program, Dr Christin Buehler came up with a natural regime that was divided into two different parts or steps; step 1 and step 2. In step one, she listed a number of nutrients, essential minerals plus vitamins that boost the immunity of one’s body so as to uncloak the virus from the body cells.
Also included in the first step are instructions on adjustment of one’s life regarding alcohol consumption, canned foodstuffs plus foods with high sugar content. The first step takes ten days before moving to the second step.
After the recommended ten days, the second step comes into play whereby there is a list of healthy foods and natural supplements to be ingested thereby further improving one’s immunity and eventual herpes elimination. Further instructions are given of eating habits and timing. The second step only takes thirteen days to complete.
This regime is effective in that it recommends foods that remove herpes from its base thereby curing it and preventing further resurfacing of the dreaded virus. As a conclusion, this is the most suitable way to cure herpes since it is natural and has no side effects.

Interested In Vaping? Wait After Surfing

Interested In Vaping? Wait After Surfing

Dec 15

Vaping has become a popular activity among many young people who also enjoy surfing. It’s a fun thing to do as it can allow anyone to relax and have a bit of fun. However, you might want to wait after you are done surfing if interested. This is because vaping can really be something that might impact your ability to actually surf. You need to be rather cautious if you want to ensure that this is going to be something that you know will be enjoyable and relaxing for yourself while also being safe for you to get into.

Vaping Relaxes the Body and Mind

The best thing about vaping is that many vaping products like the Magic Flight Launch Box from can be used to help you relax after quite a long day of work. You can use a vape pen to relax your body and mind thanks to the great vapors that come from a good series of plants. However, you might want to be certain that you avoid doing this before you head out surfing as vaping before surfing can cause you to become less focused when surfing.

It Can Create a Buzz

Sometimes the buzz that comes from vaping might cause your mind to wander off and wear out. It might cause you to think about other things and to even see stuff that you never expected. This is obviously going to vary between each person and each type of vaping material that you want to use. Still, you should not think about what’s going to happen when you are smoking before vaping as doing so might cause you to not become focused on vaping. Therefore, you are better off waiting until after you are actually done surfing before you use anything.

woman using vape penKeep Your Lungs Ready

You need to keep your lungs ready for when you are going to surf. If you are clear and ready for surfing without feeling anything in your lungs then you will have more physical energy for surfing. This is a crucial part of surfing that all must follow as surfing can be a tough thing for all to done.

If you tried to vape before surfing then there is no telling what might happen to your lungs. It’s not dangerous like traditional smoking but it can cause your body to relax to the point where breathing might become a bit of a challenge for you to do as you’re out there on the waves. Be careful when you prepare for a time out on the waves and you will not have to struggle far too much when finding a way to have a little more fun as you are out there at the beach.

This might not sound like much of an important conceit for some people but the fact is that it is just best to think about vaping after you are done surfing. It’s a good idea to wait as you will have a much easier time with surfing and enjoying the wild when you are out at the beach if you just wait to vape.

When Pressure Washing Works For Surf Boards

When Pressure Washing Works For Surf Boards

Nov 08

Surf boards can be attractive and easy to use provided that they are maintained well. The problem though is that it is rather easy for some surf boards to wear out over time. You’ll have to make sure you use a good pressure washing routine in order to keep all sorts of tough stains off of a board. A pressure washing Raleigh company like can help in this case.

But what should you be doing in the event that you need a little bit of help with handling your board with a pressure washer? You need to particularly be extremely careful when getting your board washed off in this manner. While it can be useful, it can also damage a board if not done right. The extreme amount of water pressure will be a big point to explore.


Pressure washing can work for your surf board if you know when to do it. Don’t ever just think it can be done at any time. Here’s a few things to consider when pressure washing any surf board:

• Pressure washing works when you’ve got a bunch of wax stuck on your board. Wax can be tough to get off of the bard but a high-intensity cannon of water can help you to clear it all out after a while.
• If you have algae, moss or other items from the water stuck on your board then you will need to get a pressure washer ready. The key is to remove all particles of such items because they can cause odors or get outside materials to spread around the body of the board.
• Make sure your board can actually handle the washing process. The biggest problem with some boards is that they might be far too fragile to use when cleaning off stuff.
• Check to see if there is any paint coming off of your board as well. Sometimes pressure washing can help you to remove old paint materials so you can apply new ones after a while. Again, you have to be certain that your board is not going to break or crack as a result of all that pressure.
• If you ever come across any odors that you are not certain about or you are unaware of how they came about then you might want to wash off the board. Pressure washing may help you out with fixing the problems that your board has gotten into provided that the board is healthy enough to handle the cleaning functions that you want to work with.


It is key for you to see that you’ve got the right plans going when getting your board ready for use. If you know how to make it functional and ready for use then it will give you a better sense of help for the requirements you might hold.

Pressure washing can be a great thing for your surf board but you need to use it only when necessary. Use the pointers listed here to give yourself an idea of when it will be okay for you to use a pressure washer to take care of any surfaces that you’ve got to treat.

More People In Surfing Want YouTube Views Today

More People In Surfing Want YouTube Views Today

Jun 30

It’s clear that people in the surfing world want their YouTube videos to be easier to spot. They know that if they are able to post YouTube videos with care that they will get more exposure out of all the things that they want to highlight.

Some people will buy views for their surfing videos but many people are going to want some interesting things when finding different videos. Many in the surfing world are going to do all sorts of things in order to make their YouTube videos more visible.

What Tricks Can You Perform?

It’s clear that people who can perform all sorts of amazing tricks while surfing are going to get more views. They want to show off their skills on some of the most challenging waves in some of the hottest surfing sites in all parts of the world.

If anyone is able to pull off some fine tricks then they will certainly become in demand. They will show that there are truly skilled and people will want to see what they are doing on YouTube. Having great skills and being able to get all sorts of fine tricks off will be critical to do with regards to getting more YouTube views today.

Explain How to Do Things

While anyone can buy 1 million YouTube views from Views Warehouse, it often helps to at least have some detail in one’s videos. Much of this involves explaining how to surf, how to manage a board, how to tell when the best times for surfing are and how to manage a wipeout among other things. If anyone is more descriptive of how to do all sorts of things with regards to surfing then it should be rather easy for anyone to get more YouTube views.

Showcase New Products

The world of surfing products is amazing. People can use YouTube to learn about new boards and other bits of surfing equipment. Explaining these products on YouTube is always a great way to get more views because informative videos are always useful. People who highlight different products will really be people who are interesting and popular for anyone who wants different points as needed. It is a fine feature that really works well.

Talk About Surfing Sites

There are many beaches all around the world where people can surf along. People who talk about different surfing sites around the world can really get more YouTube views because they will be highlighting more places of interest for those who want to go surfing and have fun when doing so. This information on YouTube can really be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about surfing in different parts all around the world.

These are great things about YouTube that surfers can use. The ways how people can find more YouTube views are amazing for all to explore. While people can always buy YouTube views from Views Warehouse, it will also be important to think about the many ways how different kinds of videos in surfing can be advantageous and helpful for the points that anyone can really enjoy having.